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Jack Jibben, recording artist pictureThe Bare Facts

I am a Contemporary Christian songwriter/artist. I serve God through my music which includes, in addition to writing music, being co-leader of the music at the Sawgrass Chapel, Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, each Sunday. In addition, I perform at various other churches and a variety of other events sponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. And when I’m not doing this kind of stuff, I’m usually tinkering on my boat or just hanging out at the marina.

CD's and Tapes

My first CD, entitled "Searching My Heart", was recorded, mixed and mastered at Gaither Studios and was released July, 1999. All of the songs were written by me.

Musical Instruments

I play an acoustic guitar, in a folk and light jazz style, and I sing.


In addition to writing the songs on the CD, “Searching My Heart”, I have several additional songs available from Jack Jibben Music/BMI, written either by me or by David Green and me. All of my songs have been written in the last couple years. In addition, I continue to write and always seem to have 10 - 12 unwritten in my idea box.

Booking Information

Call me at (904) 247-9555 or write to me at Jack Jibben Music or email me. You can even email me just to say hi, hey or howdy depending where you are from.

Record Company
Jack Jibben Music (BMI)
3948 So. 3rd Street, PMB 304
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Voice (904) 247-9555
Bent Key Records
3948 So. 3rd Street, PMB 304
Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
Voice (904) 247-9555
Radio Promotions
V&R Distribution
1200 East 25th St. Suite B
Lawrence, Kansas 66046
Voice (888) 894-6153
FAX (785) 749-0057

Higgins Music Group
PO Box 101336
Nashville, TN 37224
Voice (615) 248-8105
Fax (615) 248-8505

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