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I grew up on a farm in a very rural part of South Dakota (look out Greg Long). We had no phone or electricity or indoor plumbing, and there was only about a dozen or so kids in that little, one-room country school (it wasn't made of logs though) including all eight grades. But we received a very good education even though there was only one teacher for all eight grades.

Jack Jibben photoBut the center of life for me in that community was the Antelope Valley Reformed Church where most everyone I knew attended. I still make a point to attend services there on the rare occasion that I get back and it's like coming home. My brother, Rich, once said that our whole world back then was our farm, that one-room school house and the little country church. But, the farm house burned down several years ago and the land was sold when our parents retired. The country schools all consolidated into one large school that serves two counties and the little school house was torn down. But that little country church is still there and is doing as well as ever. I guess it is not surprising that progress happens and many things fall by the wayside as a result, but God's word is timeless and as relevant now as it was 2000 years ago.

I am now a contemporary Christian artist and songwriter. I started writing music in 1997 and have written or co-written many Christian songs. I have always served a church but usually served it as a trustee or chairman of the building and grounds committee, because of my engineering training (an MS in Aerospace Engineering...they must have been desperate). But when I moved to Florida about five years ago, I decided I wanted to do something different. Since I was a fair guitarist and knew a little about music, I looked for opportunities to serve in a music program. That opportunity came in May, 1997, when my good friend David Green asked me to help him with a new music program at Sawgrass Chapel in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, (now there's a combination for you...a Southern Baptist and a Northern Presbyterian). The chapel meets early on Sunday mornings for a service on the beach and is pastored by two chaplains from the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Golf Ministry.

I don't believe that I have been called by God to write and perform music. Shakespeare once wrote "at least to thine own self be true", and when I look inside myself, I can't say that I've had any supernatural or deep emotional experiences that might be identified as a calling. There has been no light from heaven or voices speaking to me. Not that I don't believe that stuff happens. When someone tells me of that kind of experience, I think they are indeed fortunate
. Although God has chosen to be silent in my life, my faith is strong and I believe in salvation through the Blood of Christ. My first album entitled "Searching My Heart", is just that. In most of the songs, I am trying to look inside my self and share what I find as honestly as I can. I ask some deep questions like "how will I know when I've been saved?", and "how do I love thee Lord?" But I have found answers in the great sermons I've been fortunate to hear over the years.

So if I don't believe I've been called by God, why do I do it? I think there are two reasons why I am driven to write and perform Christian music. One has to do with using one's talents to serve God and bring people to Him. I have found this ability to write and perform music and I'm sure I'm a long way from being the best at it. But, all I can give is the best that I have, and I'm sure God will use it.

The second reason has to do with witnessing. I've heard others try to witness verbally and that tends to cool off a room really fast. But when it is done with music, it is a totally different story. So what better way is there to share my heart, my feelings, my questions, my answers (I'm beginning to see a song in here) with others. I can't help believing that there are many people out there who, like me, didn't have an overwhelming emotional experience when they first gave their life to Christ. For those who did...Praise the Lord. But for those who didn't, listen to the words in my songs and I pray you'll find the answers that I found.


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